Models: Christine Dunn

            Charlotte Gale

This is work from my A-Level Photography Course (2018). My course has 3 topics.

Topic 1 - Patterns & Forms.

Topic 2 - People in Photography

Topic 3 - Personal Investigation

Work on this page is work from Topic 2.


With this Topic I chose Diane Arbus, her abnormality work appealed to me and  inspired me to recreate me own kind of Abnormality Pieces that in todays society would be considered abnormal and looked down upon by today's society.

oooooo frekkkkyyyy _christinedunn.jpg
🤨 _charlotte12616
my photography work is on Diane Arbus 🤷

Diane Arbus: Abnormality

Actually digging this editing _christine
Trying to add tattoos Is difficult 🤔 _c
Forestry 😩 _christinedunn.jpg


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Ramsgate, England, United Kingdom